The 12 Best Affordable Leather Jackets For Men Under $500

The 12 Best Affordable Leather Jackets For Men Under $500

A leather jacket is more than just a piece of clothing that you put on every winter and then forget about in all other seasons, only to get it back out in the winter again. For most people, it is an investment, an investment that will utilize every day. So, it needs to be durable as well.

If we look at the market, the first group we find consists of the companies selling faux leather jackets that are mass-produced in factories and are sold for very cheap. These do not have any semblance of quality and will break apart in less than a month. On top of that, they look plain ugly most of the time and do not fit with any other clothes.

But paying minimums of $1000-$1500 is not something that everyone can afford, and not something that everything should afford. This is why The Jacket Maker has revolutionized the market of inexpensive men’s leather jackets. Everything from affordable sheepskin leather jackets to distressed leather jackets are sold by us. The prices we offer for our utterly amazing quality jackets are matched by none.

Price is not the only factor that one looks at when deciding on a jacket to buy that they might wear every single day. The overall design aesthetic is of utmost considerations as well. We understand these and provide an amazing collection of leather jackets in all sizes and shapes. No matter what color, style, design, or size you want, we have the finest jacket that fills that role, be it men’s black leather jacket, green, red, or maroon.

The overwhelming majority of our consumers love our products and endorse them to others. If you are not sure about our quality, take the work of almost 1000 satisfied customers that left a five star on our website.

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Some of Our Affordable Men’s Leather Jackets

We offer a whole range of jackets for men that are fit for all sizes and styles. Let us look at some of our best and affordable men’s genuine leather jackets.

1. Raven Black Leather Jacket

Let’s look at one of the most unique black leather jackets to start off our list. If you are an all-black loving person or you would like to try a neutral black leather jacket that will go with any outfit, then the Raven Black Leather Jacket is a perfect fit for you.

This excellently made jacket’s distinct design offers a visual variety and helps it stand out from the crowd full of plain black jackets. The four outside pockets offer as much style as they do function. The semi-aniline, genuine sheepskin leather, combined with the soft and silky feeling quilted viscose lining, creates a jacket that is as comfy to wear as it is stylish.

2. Nintenzo Black Hooded Leather Jacket

The Nintenzo Black Hooded Leather Jacket is another great option in our men’s jacket lineup. If you prefer hooded leather jackets over standard ones or just want to try something new, this affordable men’s black leather jacket is an option worth considering.

Its sleek minimal design contrasted by the smooth and soft reddish-maroon creates a look that is eye-catching and not too distracting at the same time. The exquisitely crafted genuine sheepskin leather makes it shiny, sleek, and durable for years to come. On the other hand, the quilted viscose lining provides a smooth, silky texture that is sure to make you feel comfy. It is honestly not easy to find something of this quality and style at this price point elsewhere on the market.

3. Legacy Black Leather Biker Jacket

While we are on black jackets, why not take a look at the Legacy Black Leather Biker Jacket. This one has a style of its own. With its angular stitching and high neck collar design, it carries a look of a modern piece of clothing with it. Its interesting construction makes it excellent for going all-black-everything without it looking bland and uninspired.

It is one of our best affordable cowhide leather jackets available on the market today. It offers a stylish, functional, and unique jacket wearing experience without costing you an arm and a leg and keeping the quality standard sky-high. The modern look makes it visually distinct, and the design compliments the wearer’s body pretty well.

4. Agent Shadow Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

The leather jackets are often associated with the military and specifically the air force. If you want to rock that world war II militaristic look while also looking modern, then the Agent Shadow Brown Leather Bomber Jacket is the perfect leather jacket men could buy. This jacket offers a look that is not replicated by any brown leather jackets.

It gives a look that is iconic among pop culture and cements you as a confident person. The dark, shadow brown color meshes pretty well with the light greys and whites of the t-shirt world. A combo of this leather bomber jacket and brown leather boots is signature-style for a good-looking outfit that works in almost any situation.

5. Inferno Brown Leather Jacket

This Inferno Brown Leather Jacket is one of our most self-explanatory affordable brown jackets on this list. There is nothing that can be said about it that is not obvious from its looks. Its real sheep skin leather gives this design the quality it deserves. While the burnishing finish on this jacket gives it the visual edge that needs to stand out among a crowd.

We kept the design of this jacket very minimal. This is done to give it a simplicity that is difficult to find in a lot of modern clothing. Not everything needs to have an abstract art painting for its stitching, and not every jacket needs a hundred pockets on the front. Sometimes, especially in the case of the best affordable men’s leather jackets, less is more. This jacket will not detract from your outfit but add to it unobtrusively.

6. Highschool Black Leather Jacket

The name of the Highschool Black Leather Jacket gives away its core personality. The double front zipper design makes it look like one of the best leather jackets for young or young at heart men to wear. The overall feel of this leather jacket is of youth and confident fashion for men.

The deep black color of this real cowhide leather jacket lends itself perfectly to the new-age design—the detachable fabric hood ads the functionality in an interesting way. The overall look has an air of adventure to it. When surfing the web for leather jackets, you’ll be surprised to find anything as high quality as this with a price tag this affordable.

7. Dean Brown Leather Biker Jacket

Finding affordable men’s leather biker jackets is not a difficult task. With our Dean Brown Leather Biker Jacket, you’ll find everything the finest biker jackets should have with it while boasting a price tag that is not really matched anywhere else on the market.

The band collar that closes snugly and the clean aerodynamic design is a telltale of its biker association. Having the cowhide leather finished with a pull-up process gives this jacket a unique ability. The pull-up finish causes the color saturation to change when leather is stretched over a long period of use. This will give your jacket a character and history of being by your side through thick and thin.

8. Drakeshire Brown Leather Jacket

If you want to rock a traditional and antique-looking jacket, then take a look at our splendidly crafted Drakeshire Brown Leather Jacket. The dark brown, and almost blackish color that is lighter in some random spots and even darker in others, gives it an antique vibe that is certainly eye-catchy.

The jacket’s color is not the only thing that creates this stunning, new, but old looking piece of clothing. The button and leather hook combo on the front is a perfect fit for this jacket’s overall aesthetics. You can create a fascinating contrast with modern jeans, t-shirt, and this classic looking top.

9. Glen Street Brown Leather Bomber Jacket

Glen Street Brown Leather Bomber Jacket is as close to an actual fighter pilot jacket that you can get on a budget. There are many cheap off-brand ones available on the market that won’t last even a month. But there are other costly options available that are not affordable for every man.

We offer a middle ground between these two options by offering a jacket made out of real, high-quality cowhide leather while costing you way less than some of the famous luxury brands out there. The overall construction and finish are not slouching either. Our affordable jackets occupy a role in the market that is unique to us, which is high-end products at a price that makes sense to sensible people.

10. Lavendard Blue Leather Biker Jacket

We’ve talked plenty about the browns and the blacks of the jacket world; let’s talk about something livelier and more colorful. The Lavendard Blue Leather Biker Jacket is not something that you put on as a part of the rest of your outfit. It is something around which you design the outfit. In the world of leather jackets, this particular color holds a special place. It is vibrant and bold, without being too on the nose about it.

This top acts as the statement piece of your outfit. When paired with slightly darker blues and blacks, it really pops off and becomes the centerpiece of your outfit. This particular hue of blue creates an aura of freshness around you that follows you everywhere.

11. Noah Brown Leather Biker Jacket

The Noah Brown Leather Biker Jacket is the pinnacle of classic biker design brought to the modern world in the form of stunning leather jacket mens could get on the market. This well-crafted outfit is designed and colored according to the iconic biker jackets of the past. By taking the tried and tested looks and combining them with the present-day quality standards, we can offer this expertly crafted mens jacket at a reasonable price.

If we look at styling it with other clothing pieces, there are countless options available to you. It goes great with everything, from all-black to white and blue. The angled notch-styled collar gives it a great fit when the zipper is closed, further enhancing this jacket’s overall design and feel.

12. Sven Mocha Suede Bomber Jacket

Last on our list, but certainly, the least in our catalog affordable leather jackets is the Sven Mocha Suede Bomber Jacket. This captivating piece of men’s winter wear holds its place as a very one-of-a-kind piece. There is no other design quiet like this. The suede goatskin leather finish on this handmade jacket gives it an unmatched look. The non-shiny nature of the finish is unique enough on its own to make this jacket work purchasing. But the soothing fresh brown color is the icing on top of the cake.

Pairing it with bright/fresh blue jeans and a white t-shirt will give you an undeniably good look. This conspicuous jacket exudes a sense of fashion and style that is hardly matched by other jackets and can make an excellent addition to anyone’s wardrobe.


Mens fashion and style are not as well documented as women’s fashion. There isn’t too much information regarding styling and advice about affordable leather jackets for men. So here are a few of the most commonly asked questions:

How much should a good leather jacket cost?

The public perception of a good leather jacket is almost non-existent. When an average person thinks about a leather jacket, only two options come to their mind.

First are the cheap and extremely poor-quality products, made out of faux leather that can be bought as low as $20 or sometimes even lower. These faux leather jackets are manufactured in mass in factories without a single care in the world for the quality of the construction material. These low-quality tops would barely last you a month or so and would not look any decent on you either. Their extremely low production cost is very apparent from a single glance.

On the complete, another side of the spectrum is the luxury fashion brands. The top-end on their products has no cap, but the minimum is on average above $1000. There are two main issues with these. The first is, obviously, the extremely high cost. But the second issue is that even if an average person manages to spend that much money on a leather jacket, they will not be getting anything close to what they paid for. These extremely high prices are due to the long supply chains and enormous marketing budgets of these companies.

So, there was a gap in the market for affordable leather jackets mens that were also high quality and well made. The Jacket Maker saw that gap and decided to provide our customers with exactly that—quality products at a reasonable price. We offer handcrafted jackets using real leather at a price of around $200-$500 range. Our direct-to-consumer model allows us to cut down the middlemen and provide these remarkable deals directly to you.

Where can I buy a cheap leather jacket?

As mentioned earlier, the extremely cheap jackets made of fake leather are not something that you should waste your money on. If you want to buy an affordable leather jacket made out of premium leather and handcrafted by a talented craftsman, then The Jacket Maker is the obvious choice.

Is leather jacket worth buying?

The short answer to this question will be yes, it is worth buying a leather jacket. But if we look a bit deeper, the answer is not that simple. If you plan on buying a really cheap jacket, then don’t. It won’t even last a month and would be a huge waste of your hard-earned money. Good advice from us is to look for real leather jackets.

Which brand has best leather jackets?

Asking what is the best band for a leather jacket has no proper answer. It depends on many variables. For example, do you want an affordable jacket, or are you looking for a high-end luxury jacket? The answer to this simple question can change the brands you should be looking at drastically. So, define your budget, requirements, and expectations, and then look for an appropriate brand. In high-quality and affordability, The Jacket Maker is the industry leader.

Which Colour leather jacket should I buy?

A big part of fashion is the colors used in the clothing items. The preference for colors is highly dependent on the type of product, and the leather jacket is no different. There are many colors, such as green leather jackets, red leather jackets, maroon leather jackets, blue leather jackets, and much more available on the market.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your own preference and choices. If worn tastefully at an appropriate time, any color of the jacket looks good and great with other outfits.

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