How use foundation?

For beginners, its natural to struggle while you apply the foundation for a even look but no to worry anymore, you are not the first one to suffer, every girl must have gone through a phase where applying makeup was a necessity but initially failed to achieve a flawless look because it takes a lot of techniques and skills which you will be learning when you start doing makeup. You must have heard the phrase “practise makes a man perfect” which goes perfect when it comes to makeup. To help you out, we have come up with a guide based on How use foundation that will enable you to get a better end result.

Following are the tips and tricks for a flawless foundation application;

Start with a clean canvas

Your foundation will look as good as your skin is so it is mandatory to maintain a healthy skin routine. Before you start applying your foundation, cleanse your skin well to remove the dirt and then smoothly remove the dead skin cells using a scrub or a tool to avoid an uneven look. Then, apply moisturizer to hydrate the skin.

Go for a primer

Applying primer might be an additional step but it is definitely worth it has it will turn you skin into perfect smooth surface making you foundation look amazing. If you have redness or dullness, then you can go for color correcting primer for better results.

Be conventional

Start by applying a bit of foundation and then keep adding more for entire coverage. The forte is to apply foundation where it is needed so that it blends with the skin instead of forming a new layer of skin.

Don’t Rub

Dab the foundation gently into the skin. Apart from brushes, using fingertips to apply foundation is also a good option has it will gel up the skin beautifully with the foundation. Focus the application of foundation in the middle of the face where redness and dark spots seem to be a bit problematic.

Let it set and forget it

Using a translucent or a loose powder will help ensure that the budge out bringing a dull finish. Dip a fluffy large brush into the powder, shake it off then to remove the excess amount of powder and then sweep it all around the face lightly.

By doing this you will the perfect foundation look that you have been desiring. Hope this article has helped you to know more about how use foundation. Thank you for reading.


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